The exciting match between Canberra raiders and Penrith Panters played on September 17, 2016 at Canberra stadium was an electrifying event. The rampaging but highly tactful movements of players were something to be watched than being explained. The elegantly designed NRL clothes which the players adorned added glitter to the game.

Popularity of Rugby:

Yes, elegant clothing is a part of uniqueness of every game. As Rocco Luca writes in the popular magazine, RLW, in its edition dated August 1, 2014, the popularity of Rugby has, in fact, set a kind of fabric war. Rocco points out that as against the AFL, Rugby cloth has secured about $19.6 million dollars extra as revenue. This is certainly a pointer to the popularity of the exciting game of Rugby.

Worn by rugby enthusiasts too:

‘Rugby shirt’ as it is popularly called is an exclusively designed dress worn by every player. This shirt is worn not only by the players but also by other members of the team like the manager, coach and other organizers concerned. The shirt is so elegant that even Rugby enthusiasts wear this attire.

Design of NRL shirts:

Of course, there are no specific norms for the design of Rugby shirts. However, traditionally Rugby shirts were designed with short sleeves, although some players prefer to wear NRL shirts having long sleeves. Similar to the shirts of polo, even rugby shirts have a buttoned top opening. Large alternative horizontal stripes as against vertical stripes of an AFL shirt and ‘V’ design around the neck are some of the distinctive features of NRL clothes.

Changes in the design:

Considering the unique nature of Rugby, modern designers have brought about certain important changes in the design of Rugby dress. These changes are brought out keeping the unique features of the Rugby game. For example, the designers have introduced short collar for the Rugby shirts. Although traditional NRL clothes were made of cotton fabric, the modern designers prefer to use rugged synthetic fabric. In fact, most of the designers use polyester because this cloth is quite ‘slippery’ in nature. Further, modern NRL shirts are designed ‘skin tight’. All these changes are intended to ensure that the opponent player does not cause any obstruction either by latching on to the collar or by holding the shirt of the player.

Preference to Polyester shirts:

As you know, cotton fabric absorbs moisture and therefore, if the Rugby is played in winter, then it can add weight to the cloth. Naturally, such shirts will cause a considerable discomfort to the player. On the contrary, polyester weighs less as compared to cotton. All these have prompted the designers to prefer synthetic fabric like Polyester as against cotton for the NRL shirts.

Buy from online stores:

You can buy the NRL shirts and also shorts from any of the popular online stores. The Rugby shirts are available in different sizes. The online stores market the Rugby merchandise of every popular Rugby league and clubs. Apart from shirts and shorts, the online stores also market jerseys, headwear, NRL gift card, home wear, door murals and such other articles, which bear the emblem of popular rugby clubs. All these would help you to be a part of that wonderful Rugby game. Every product you buy comes with a money-back guarantee.

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