Most people think that there is a special secret that those who succeed in having their sites featured in the first pages of search engines use. However, the secret is no secret at all. Companies who offer Search Engine Optimization such as Intelligent HQ can tell you that it is just some bit of common sense merged with some few tips and voila, your site is on top. Coupled with high quality content, sound editing skills, addressing the search intent of your target audience, and new information, here are some few SEO ‘secrets’ that will help you feature on top.

Avoid Overthinking

Ambiguity is one of the SEO’s biggest challenges. However, the uncertainty should not be the cause for overthinking – don’t let it get to your head. Consider that you are in the same position as all the other marketers. Every one of them is just like you, trying to figure out what the secret to great search engine optimization is. One excellent way to go about it is to avoid getting caught up in the complexities and try to deliver excellent user experiences. You can also get help from experts like Intelligent HQ.

Be up-to-date

Accuracy is one perfect quality that every reader wants. Researchers such as Dinis Guarda attest to how internet users are most likely looking for up-to-date content that is also precise. Take your time to research extensively on the different topics you offer. Professionals in SEO like Intelligent HQ can help you with research if you don’t have the skills or time for it.


In this mobile era, most people are browsing the internet using their mobile phones. Take advantage of this and make your website mobile friendly. Also, try to ensure that the loading time is quick and as short as possible. Readers will not stay at a site longer than a few seconds if it’s not loading. As a result, you may end up losing a good number of clients.

Link Building

One of the keys to ranking perfectly well in search engines is through links. However, it is important to note that spammy links have substantial penalties. With this in mind, try to build good relationships with other brands such as Ztudium. You also need to be a quality brand yourself. Offer other bloggers value with your content, and you will not need to ask for links, the links will come to you. Seek help from professionals like Intelligent HQ if you want to get it all right.

Long-Tail Prioritization

Personalization in search engines is becoming increasingly popular. Businesses such as Intelligent HQ put location-based keywords and long tail keywords as their primary focus. This way, users have an easier way to find your given company and the services offered. Be more specific with your terms to also avoid direct competition from many other service providers.

Keyword Placements

Focusing on the right keyword is a good way to go. However, it is not enough. You need to be more specific. With the search engines, you need to communicate the right information to them. This can only be achieved by taking a more structured approach. Use the long tail keywords in your page titles as well as the main body. Try to structure your website in such a way that it accommodates this assembly. Take a look at Ardor SEO.

Take Advantage of Customer Research

Typically, people search things on search engines because they need answers to particular questions. Use customer research to guide you to produce informative and helpful content. Most ‘how to’ articles get many clicks. You will earn the trust of users by giving them what they want whenever they want, and in turn, get a good placement in search engines.

Small Details Matter

Meta descriptions are the little details of search engine optimization, but they matter a lot. Provide a clear preview of your website in a precise way to get on top.

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